Kaleen Cameron

Founder & Creator

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One Woman Show.

Copper + Twine was created by, Kaleen, a California native who loves design & nature.

She has been creating home decor items through out her life, as she was always the one collecting sticks and flowers on hikes and using them to decorate her room. She has a passion for interior design/fashion and loves nature and being outdoors. Her designs are a collaboration of these passions! 

Made from raw materials found all over the Bay Area (Golden Gate Park, Baker Beach, HWY 1, Marine Highlands, to name a few). Her pieces invoke a sense of the nature that surrounds her, while incorporating elements of minimalist and bohemian designs. All items are one-of-a-kind and made with love and care!

From collecting, to designing, to creating - This is her true passion. And with your support she can continue her craft and help bring modern natural designs to your home! 

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Copper + Twine